Biruni University was established on 27.02.2014. This place has started in the world of science by important tasks in many fields, especially Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. Its “Genius” name in Turkish prints inspired from turkish scientist “Abu Rayhan El-Biruni” and took its place among private universities. Biruni University, all related to the health field with 6 faculties and 1 Department of Health Services began its vocational school and academic activities in 2014-2015 academic year.




HeartGenetics, Genetics and Biotechnology SA is a Portuguese biotech company that developed “solutions in a box”, including genetic tests and computational tools designed to support clinical diagnosis and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. They believe that genomic technologies and computational advances will fundamentally change medicine practice in the near future, by making available innovative knowledge that will help physicians and individuals to prevent disease.  Heart Genetics mission is to play a leading role in changing the status quo of genetics, by bringing up innovative knowledge that will help physicians improve heart medicine.


Academic Support

Our Academc support team come from various top leading universities in Turkey, including:




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R&D Collaborations

We collaborate with R&D companies in Technoparks


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